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Individual Health Insurance in Massachusetts (MA)

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There are 6.3 million people who live and work in The Bay State and every year, more than 78,000 more are born into the population. Unfortunately, 10 percent of Massachusetts' residents are currently uninsured but with the wide range of options available in health insurance policies, there's no reason why that can't be taken care of in short order.

Massachusetts Health Facts

Good habits start during childhood but for those without health insurance, there isn'st always someone to help kids stay on track with preventative checkups. Thirteen percent of children in Maine are overweight and 44 percent missed out on seeing both a dentist and a doctor last year. Another 68 percent got counseling or treatment for mental, developmental or emotional disorders.

Even the most basic healthcare policy can help take care of these issues and for a minimal cost.

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Massachusetts Health Insurance Needs

Adults in Massachusetts would benefit from health insurance as well. More than 6 percent of adults in Maine are diagnosed with diabetes, another 14 percent have asthma, and 59 percent are classified as obese or overweight. Almost 17 percent have disabilities, 18 percent smoke and 34 percent report poor mental health.

For some, a lack of health insurance can be deadly. For every 100,000 people in Massachusetts, 505 have been diagnosed with cancer and 200 of them will die from it this year. Heart disease accounts for another 198 deaths per 100,000 people each year. Get your health insurance quote now and make an appointment for a checkup today.

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Health Insurance Laws in Massachusetts

Massachusetts law does not allow insurance companies to deny you coverage because of health problems. The state requires all plans be standardized. Pre-existing conditions can be excluded for no more than six months if you have not had continuous coverage for more than 63 days prior to purchasing your plan. Pre-existing conditions can not be permanently excluded using elimination riders. There are regulations limiting premium increases. The state prohibits cancellation of your policy if you become sick.

Individual Health Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Fallon Community Health Plan
Tufts Health Plan

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Did you know that common childhood sicknesses such as asthma and ear infections can affect mental and language development when left untreated? Don't let this happen to your child- apply for a health insurance plan for your family today! 1
Looking for individual health insurance? You're not alone. By 2015, healthcare costs are expected to reach $4 trillion. Safeguard your health and your wallet by investing in a health plan that's unique as you are. 2
Thinking about obtaining health insurance? The number of uninsured individuals increased from 44.8 million to an estimated 52 million in 2010. Don't be a part of this alarming statistic; get quoted on a health insurance policy today. 3