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Monday, March 30, 2015  
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LifeWise Health Plan of Washington

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While your need for the individual type of health insurance may make you feel solitary, you should realize there are many others who cannot be part of a group health plan. Many who work for a small business find it may not offer health benefits; others who start their own business find they no longer qualify for group plans; graduates, early retirees, people whose group coverage does not include dependents – actually, the list can go on and on. LifeWise of WA understands your concerns and wants to help you find a plan that will support all your criteria and still allow you to stay within your budget.

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LifeWise Health Plan of WA Individual Health Plans

Essentials 25

Features two choices for annual deductible and 25% coinsurance for covered services. Your network services from 23,000 health care providers will give you the highest benefits, but you may also see out-of-network providers at a higher cost. There are broad coverages in this plan, but no prescription benefits.

Essentials 50

Provides two choices for annual deductible and 50% coinsurance for covered services. You will pay lower out-of-pocket costs by receiving care from the network providers, but you may choose to see out-of-network doctors also. This plan includes broad coverages, but no prescription drug benefits.

Passport 20

Includes two choices for deductible and 20% coinsurance (including maternity services with specific deductible). Preventive services (if network) and vision care are covered, along with prescription drug benefits that encourage use of generic drugs. You may choose both network and out-of-network services, but gain out-of-pocket savings with network providers.

Passport 30

Offers three choices for deductible and 30% coinsurance (including maternity services if choosing $500 or $1000 deductible). Coverage includes preventive (if network) and vision services, with a prescription drug plan which encourages generic drug use. Your services may be from either network or non-network providers, but you will save with network care.

Passport 50

Gives you five choices for annual deductible and 50% coinsurance (including maternity). Network preventive care is covered, with vision care and prescription drug benefits also. Network services provide you with the highest benefits.

LifeWise HSA

Includes two levels for high deductible and 20% coinsurance for network services (40% for non-network). In-network preventive care is covered, while there are no benefits for prescription drugs, vision care, or maternity. You have coverage for major health problems and the tax advantages of a Health Savings Account.

LifeWise HSA Plus

Provides two high deductibles from which to choose and 20% coinsurance for network care (40% for non-network). Preventive services are provided if from network providers, as well as prescription drug benefits and maternity care. You have the tax advantages and added choices of a Health Savings Account.

LifeWise Health Plan of Washington

P.O. Box 91120
Seattle, WA 98111-9220

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Did you know that common childhood sicknesses such as asthma and ear infections can affect mental and language development when left untreated? Don't let this happen to your child- apply for a health insurance plan for your family today! 1
Looking for individual health insurance? You're not alone. By 2015, healthcare costs are expected to reach $4 trillion. Safeguard your health and your wallet by investing in a health plan that's unique as you are. 2
Thinking about obtaining health insurance? The number of uninsured individuals increased from 44.8 million to an estimated 52 million in 2010. Don't be a part of this alarming statistic; get quoted on a health insurance policy today. 3