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Thursday, July 2, 2015  
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Individual Health Insurance in California (CA)

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There are 35.9 million people who call California home and this and more than half a million new babies add to that number each year. Of these, 6.7 million Californians are uninsured. With the large number of health insurance policies available including add-on policies to help those who have coverage just not quite enough, there's no reason that everyone in California can't enjoy his or her own health care policy.

California Health Facts

California's children are victim to the problem of health insurance starting from the moment of conception. More than 36,000 were born with a low birth weight–7 percent of all births–and 11 percent were born prematurely. Only 77 percent of California's children receive the immunizations they need in the first 35 months of life.

As they grow, the statistics are just as upsetting: 13 percent of children are overweight or obese and 47 percent didn't make it to both a dentist and a physician's office last year. With health insurance, children can get the checkups and treatment they need with minimal cost.

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California's Health Care Crisis

Adults don't fare too much better in California. Each year, 7 percent are diagnosed with diabetes, 13 percent with asthma, 58 percent are overweight or obese and 18 percent are disabled. For every 100,000 Californians, 57 die of stroke, 21 die from Alzheimer's disease, 176 die from cancer and 220 from heart disease.

For those who are self-employed, temporarily unemployed, and those who just don't have enough coverage to cover their health care costs, there is a way to remedy the situation. Get a quote now.

California Individual Health Insurance Companies

Assurant Health
Blue Cross of California
Blue Shield of California
Fairmont Specialty Group
Health Net
Kaiser Permanente
Security Life

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Did you know that common childhood sicknesses such as asthma and ear infections can affect mental and language development when left untreated? Don't let this happen to your child- apply for a health insurance plan for your family today! 1
Looking for individual health insurance? You're not alone. By 2015, healthcare costs are expected to reach $4 trillion. Safeguard your health and your wallet by investing in a health plan that's unique as you are. 2
Thinking about obtaining health insurance? The number of uninsured individuals increased from 44.8 million to an estimated 52 million in 2010. Don't be a part of this alarming statistic; get quoted on a health insurance policy today. 3