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Blue Cross and Blue Shield Montana (BCBSMT)

If you live in Montana and are looking for an individual health plan, this is the place for you. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana is the largest health insurer in the state and offers the broadest network of healthcare providers. Blue Cross knows you are looking for insurance to cover all of your needs at a cost you can afford. Coincidentally, this is what BCBS of MT does best.

Whether you need individual coverage because you own your business, work at a job where you don’t receive health benefits, or any other reason, BCBS of Montana specializes in plans that will be right for you. They know you are unique and have your own set of criteria you need fulfilled. BCBSMT offers a wide range of plans with various annual costs, types of coverage, and accessibility to health care providers, all to suit your needs.

BCBS of MT Individual Health Plans

Blue Care

Offers traditional indemnity coverage that includes medical, hospital, surgical, and ER services, as well as prescription benefits. It is designed to be easy on your budget.

Essential Care Plan

Provides hospitalization, both in-hospital and outpatient surgery benefits, wellness services for those that are 2-years and younger, and accident benefits.

HDHP Montana Individual

Works with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Whether you're an individual or a family, there are two options for deductible in this plan. Due to the high deductibles, both options have lower premiums. You open a Health Savings Account where you deposit pre-tax money. You then use this money to pay your annual deductible. Any money left in the account can grow tax free.

High Deductible Plan with HSA (Health Savings Account)

Combines the traditional indemnity benefits plan with an HSA. The insurance plan has a lower annual premium due to the high annual deductible, which varies between individual and family plans. After reaching your yearly deductible, this indemnity plan pays 100% of fees within the BCBSMT network providers. You deposit pre-tax money into your HSA which you then use to pay your yearly deductible. If money is leftover, it is allowed to gain interest tax free.

Value Blue

Provides a broad range of coverage: hospital, surgery, ER, office visits, and more, with a set amount paid in full for primary care. This plan offers low premiums.

Montana YouthCare

Offered to children 3 months to 19 years of age. It includes primary care, hospital and surgical services, ER benefits, prescription services and more. The annual premium is designed to be low.

Blue Choice Personal

An HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) which offers managed care through the Joint Venture Network of health care providers. You choose a Personal Care Physician who manages your medical needs through the network of providers (Level A). You are also free to seek care from the BCBSMT network for services (Level B). You can receive care from nonparticipating providers (Level C), but will pay more out-of-pocket. All three levels are included in this plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana is an independent licensee of BCBS Association.

BC/BS of Montana

560 N. Park Avenue
P.O. Box 4309
Helena, MT 59604-4309

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